Cleanroom HMI

Cleanroom HMI

Cleanroom HMI Workstations

AGL Automation exclusively supply the Caitron range of cleanroom HMI and are the authorised sales and support channel for the worldwide supply of all Caitron products. 

The Caitron Industrial Solutions range of cleanroom HMI have been designed specifically with cleanroom requirements in mind and as such they are constructed in fully GMP compliant stainless steel housings with no horizontal flat surfaces to prevent the build up of contaminants. All units as standard come with widescreen HD ready (17” and 24”) capacitive multi-touch displays. They have been designed with the rigorous clean room cleaning schedules of pharmaceutical cleanrooms in mind so are reisitant to all standard cleaning chemicals. The are also IP69 ingress protection rated to ensure no issues whilst cleaning. All versions now support TPM 2.0 modules and so run Windows 11.

There are two different product ranges:

  • The CS range has been built to be suitable for cleanroom Grade C/D 
  • The CR range has been designed for and also independently certified for use in GMP A/B cleanrooms

Full details are included in the cleanroom solution brochure that you can download on the link at the bottom of the page.

Caitron GMP Cleanroom PC (HMI) Workstation

With the Caitron GMP cleanroom PC Workstation you can be assured that you will be using the most technologically advanced Biotech ready display for your cleanroom / GMP requirements.

  • PC or Thin client
  • 24″ and 17″ display available
  • IP69K ingress protection
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Independently Certified GMP A by Fraunhofer IPA
  • TPM 2.0 modules included
  • Windows 11 Compatible
  • various thin client options such as iGel available.
Caitron GMP Cleanroom PC (HMI) Workstation

High Level of Integration for GMP Compliance

  • Integrated in the IPCs are WLAN, WiFi and Bluetooth®
  • Integrated RFID/NFC for connection to peripherals such as Barcode Scanners
  • Ready for use with ID cards or Biometric authentication systems
  • 2 x Ethernet 100/1000 Mbit | up to 4 x usb 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0
High Level of Integration for GMP Compliance

Effective and Safe Cleaning

  • IP69k Electropolished 316 stainless steel housing
  • High chemical resistance to standard cleaning agents (Isopropanol/IPA)
  • Completely smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces without any joints or grooves reducing bug traps and allowing easy cleaning
  • Enclosure is bevelled backwards to prevent accumulation of liquids
Effective and Safe Cleaning

Versatile Mounting Options

  • Various mounting systems allow easy integration of the PC
  • These include wall mounts, tube systems, ceiling mounts, Rittal / VESA adaptors
  • Mobile version available
  • Custom adaption available on request
Versatile Mounting Options

Mounting Systems

  • Bayonet mounting system for fast and easy mounting which can be performed by one person
  • Pedestal and support arms (rigid and flexible) available
  • Custom adaption by Request
Mounting Systems

Battery Powered HMI

Also now available is our market leading HMI with battery backup. 

  • This can provide several shifts of operation without charging.
  • Its fully mobile with castors
  • Can come with various keyboard options.
  • Also available with dual screen option.
  • Various battery options dependant upon required runtime.

Mountings system etc is fully customisable, get in touch now with your requirements.

Battery Powered HMI

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